Paraki meets Shannon’s kitten

When we got home we had dinner. We went to the beach. When we got home we had some tea and we went to bed. In the morning I got up and had some breakfast. We went to the shop. When we got home Paraki wes tired. He lay on the sofa and had a nap. Last night Shannon gavLeanne\'s kitten likes Parakie me a spin on her brother Tony’s toy tractor and I loved it.


Leanne’s house

Leanne and Paraki

My name is Leanne. I am eight years old and I am the eldest in my class.

I took Paraki into my garden to play with my sisters. He saw my baby  brother Jason.

I have two sisters and their names are Kaydean and Sophie.

Me and Paraki took a long walk to see some horses in a field. Shannon Niall Ally and Erin are

my best friends.My mums name is Caroline and my dads name is Jay. And we had great


Paraki visits Lorcan’s house

My name is Lorcan. I am seven years old. I have four brothers. Me and Paraki went to football training on Saturday for Killcommon. On Sunday I went to Pullathomas’s communion party at four o’clock I got home at nine o’ciock but before that  we saw a horse and a foal. Can you see the horse in the photo? My friend came over on Friday and we played with Paraki. 

Busy bird

Paraki has been busy in Inver helping us prepare for our First Holy Communion and planting our new garden. He also enjoyed the boys’ Gaelic football match against our neighbours in Pullathomas National School. Paraki is having a good time here and is glad that summer is coming. He is looking forward to the party next week for the First Holy Communion.

Padraig’s House

My  name is Padraig. I showed Paraki my room, my toys and my laptop. We went out to see the cows and the  sheep.  I am eight years old. I am making my First Holy Communion this year. I have two  sisters  called Lisa and Rosaleen. We had a game of football. It was  fun.

Travel Buddy from New Zealand

A visitor arrived in Inver National School today. Paraki arrived from Room 1 in Rotokawa School in Rotorua in New Zealand. Paraki is a Travel Buddy- an adventurous soft toy- and he will go home each day with the pupils to explore life and customs in Inver. We will keep a log of Paraki’s adventures here.

Everyone loved looking at the drawings and photographs of our friends in Room 1 in Rotorua.

This is Paraki. He looks well after his long journey.


Everyone enjoyed looking at the pictures Room 1 sent. 

We were wondering where in the world New Zealand is?

Where is New Zealand?